Optimise material transport with a fully hydraulic wheelbarrow

The Mini Dumper offers you a reliable alternative to the traditional wheelbarrow, giving you a machine that is simple to operate and easy to maintain going forward. A motorised wheelbarrow is an excellent investment for landscape gardeners, contractors, developers, farmers, master masons and plant hire companies, where heavy material and manual transport are part of the workflow.

With this helper, the manual transport of materials such as bricks, sand, soil, construction waste, etc. will be easy for you and your employees to handle on the construction site, at the stable or in the garden. You don’t have to worry about the machine getting stuck, as it can cope with even the toughest surfaces. With its compact and flexible design, it can also be used in confined spaces.

With its good load capacity and robust materials, this multi-purpose wheelbarrow guarantees a wide range of potential applications and can be safely operated even with a full load. Its tip has full hydraulic transmission, making unloading easy, ergonomic and time-saving for the operator.

Time-saving transport

The Mini Dumper can transport up to 750 kg and has a load capacity of 425 litres, enabling you to transport a wide range of materials such as sand, bricks, soil, construction waste, etc. much faster than with a traditional wheelbarrow.

Compact design

You mustn’t judge a machine by its size, and the same is true of our Mini Dumper. Because even though it’s compact and flexible enough to make its way into smaller places, it’s been produced with a strong construction that gives you a robust piece of machinery.

Safe operation

The machine is CE-approved in accordance with the latest rules, so you and your employees can safely use the Mini Dumper for your work, regardless of which materials are to be transported and on which surfaces it has to run.

Ergonomic handling

The multi-purpose barrow is hydraulically powered and equipped with a fully hydraulic high-tip transmission, which is managed and controlled via an ergonomically designed control panel on the machine itself. This makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Technical data


Width: 800 mm

Length: 1,800 mm

Height: 1,030 mm

Loading height: 940 mm

Unladen weight: 265 kg


Load weight: 750 kg

Load capacity: 425 litres


Engine: 6.5 hp petrol engine (electric start)

Petrol tank: 3.6 litres


Tip on load: Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic tank: 14 litres


Front wheels: 400 x 160 mm (tractor tyres)

Rear wheels: Fork wheels 300 mm


Pull: 2WD (front-wheel drive)

Transmission: Hydraulic

Max. speed: 7.2 km/h

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